Smart tenancy services

From property listing through to the tenant’s move-in, we provide an end-to-end solution to ensure a seamless experience for student tenants settling into their first home away from home.

Intuitive issue processing

Our issue reporting feature empowers our entire supply chain to actively solve a wide range of problems efficiently by leveraging years of experience captured in data.

Dynamic asset management

We break down each property into thousands of individual components and cross-correlate related events to make preemptive decisions to minimise long term repair and maintenance.

Our advantage

We have over two decades of specialisation in the portfolio management of student property. Our automated technology effortlessly collects valuable insights from our users, which allows us to make increasingly more intelligent long-term decisions. The outcome marries financial profit to social responsibility by enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of student property portfolios while supporting our tenants to thrive.

About us

Tim Calder
Tim Calder
Steve Mathews
Steve Mathews
Tim and Steve met at high school and went on to live together while studying at the University of Otago in the flat Tim purchased in 2002. Over the following decade they deepened their knowledge in their respective fields. Tim’s in student property investment, and Steve’s in software development.
In 2016 they combined their skills to create software that automated the countless mundane tasks of student property managers. The result frees up landlords' cash flow, so that they can reinvest more to improve the quality of their property, and time, so they can provide greater support to their student tenants.
The successful development of Prime Tenancy enabled the creation of New Zealand’s first student property fund, Prime Campus, which Tim and Steve are both actively involved in.

Official partner

Prime campus logo
Prime Campus is proud to partner with Prime Tenancy to provide public investors with a favourable alternative to the challenges of becoming a landlord.